Our Acoustic and Thermal products division designs and manufactures sound absorption media and insulation components predominately for exhaust system and engine bay applications.

Managing temperatures in engine compartments is becoming increasingly difficult in the limited space available and any close proximity auxiliary equipment, cables and hoses will need protection from heat.

Culimeta – Saveguard can provide ready made solutions for these applications and our products are widely used by vehicle builders, including Bus and Truck, Construction and Agricultural vehicles, Locomotive and Ship Building and on Power Generation Equipment, including Gas Turbines.


The exhaust product range includes:

Acousta-fil Sound absorber for exhaust silencers
Thermolastic exhaust insulation system
Insulation Jackets
Reflective Sleeves for the protection of Cables and Hoses etc..
Heat shields, inc metallic


High performance sound absorption media designed to be easily installed in
exhaust mufflers and to expand on initial contact with heat to fill complex or difficult to access voids, typically Resonators.

Acousta-fil is produced using proprietary, purpose-built machinery, which we are continually developing as the product evolves. Acousta-fil is now available in even more complicated shapes and we have optimised the fibre chemistry to withstand the ever increasing temperatures and conditions found in today's exhaust systems. Acousta-fil is recognised as a technical solution and can be “tunable” i.e. can be configured for a specific range of frequencies.



Thermolastic was initially designed to help maintain gas stream temperatures in wide bore diesel exhausts and increase the efficiency of emission control equipment with particle traps.

It has now also been adopted for more general exhaust insulation to help reduce temperatures in the surrounding areas and to reduce the reliance on heat shields. Thermolastic is robust, and is proven to withstand the extreme conditions found under vehicle and is easy to fit and maintain. We also offer an installation service if required.