Our Thermal Insulation division is divided into two main activities, the manufacture and distribution of technical textile products in the form of fabrics, felts, ropes and tapes etc. and our fabricated products department which manufactures custom made insulation components.

Technical Textiles

We offer a wide range of Technical Textile products, from woven fabric and tapes, nonwoven felts and needlemats and braided/twisted ropes.

Today's industrial processes use increasingly higher temperatures. New fibres and materials are constantly being developed and as they become available we can incorporate them into our product range.

These fibres all possess one or more outstanding individual characteristics e.g. temperature, abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, but when blended, used in combinations or composites, these properties can be considerably enhanced.

Our expertise is in the selection and blending of these fibres and with the addition of specially formulated finishes or coatings, we are able to design products to meet the most arduous conditions found in today’s demanding applications.






Sewn and Fabricated Products

Culimeta-Saveguard manufacture a wide range of sewn and fabricated products for a diversity of applications including:

High temperature insulation jackets for gas turbine exhaust volutes, plastic extruders and injection moulders, personnel and machinery protection

Also removable insulation for scientific equipment, furnace curtains and door seals, electrically heated jacketing, fire and smoke curtains, welding blankets, fire blankets etc. Seals, expansion joints and connectors,tadpole and dumbell seals.

We can provide a survey and installation service for our products for customers in the UK.